Monosem Pull type Planters

  • Forward fold planters (12 and 16 row maize planter)
  • Side pull planters (8 – 36 row maize planter)
  • Rigid pull type planters (3 – 12 row maize planter)

Most accurate and durable seed meter

  • accepts irregular seed shapes and sizes without planting skips or doubles
  • aluminium construction keeps it’s precision during the whole planter life


Most accurate dry fertiliser meter

  • corkscrew auger handles poor quality fertiliser without fertiliser build-up
  • brilliantly designed for even and consistent fertiliser output row by row

No-nonsense design with heavy and robust frame constructions

  • short chains and lowest possible amount of bearings & shafts
  • easy to set, operate and maintain
  • designed to work with large fertiliser openers on a separate front beam
  • strong enough to carry fertiliser bins over the full width of the frame

Fertiliser opener options includes a trip tine

  • No-Till Coulter & Tine Combo
  • No-Till Coulter & Double Disc Combo
  • 510mm Single Disc
  • 460mm Single Disc